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Table 1 Strains and Plasmids

From: Chitobiose utilization in Borrelia burgdorferi is dually regulated by RpoD and RpoS

Strain or Plasmid Genotype and Description Reference
   B. burgdorferi   
B31-A High passage non-infectious wild-type [38]
A74 CoumR; B31-A rpoS mutant [38]
WC12 CoumR KanR; A74 complemented with rpoS Bb /pCE320 This study
297 rpoN EryR; 297 rpoN mutant [19]
RR22 EryR; B31-A rpoN mutant This study
   E. coli   
DH5α supE 44 F- Δlac U169 (ϕ80lac Z ΔM15) hsdR 17 relA 1 endA 1 gyrA 96 thi-1 relA 1 [40]
   rpoS Bb /pCE320 KanR ZeoR; Pnat-rpoS [17]
   pBB0450.1 AmpR EryR; ermC::rpoN This study