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Table 4 P. gingivalis strains used in this study

From: Distinct roles of long/short fimbriae and gingipains in homotypic biofilm development by Porphyromonas gingivalis

Strain Genotype Relevant properties Reference
33277 Wild type Wild type ATCC
KDP150 fimA::erm Long fimbria (FimA)- deficient [20]
MPG67 mfa1::erm Short fimbria (Mfa1)- deficient [18]
MPG4167 fimA::erm mfa1::tetQ Long and short fimbria-deficient [18]
KDP129 kgp::cat Kgp-null [20]
KDP133 rgpA::tetQ rgpB::erm Rgp-null [20]
KDP136 rgpA::erm rgpB::tetQ kgp::cat Rgp/Kgp-null [20]