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Table 2 Analysis of the cell division phenotype

From: A plant MinD homologue rescues Escherichia coli HL1 mutant (ΔMinDE) in the absence of MinE

Genotype Cells Septa Polar % Polar Phenotype
DH5α 867 229 6 3 WT
HL1 991 216 119 55 Min-
HL1(Plac::EcMinDE) 974 232 3 1 WT
HL1(Plac::AtMinD) 863 161 11 6 WT
HL1(Plac::gfp-AtMinD) 1081 219 10 5 WT
HL1(Plac::AtMinD-gfp) 943 137 17 12 WT like
  1. Shown above is the division phenotype analysis of E. coli cells with different genotypes. EcMinDE was induced with 20 μM IPTG, AtMinD and its GFP fusion proteins were induced with 50 μM IPTG. Cells: the total number of cell examined; Septa: the total number of septa counted; Polar: the number of septa which were misplaced at or near a cell pole; % Polar: the percentage of septa which were misplaced at or near a cell pole. Min-, minicell phenotype. WT, most of the cells have a normal size and no cell or only a small part of the cells are minicells or long filaments.