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Table 1 Assessing infectivity of BbKH500 in needle-challenged C3H/HeJ mice.

From: Assessment of decorin-binding protein A to the infectivity of Borrelia burgdorferi in the murine models of needle and tick infection

  Inoculation dose (bacteria/inoculation)
Time post-infection (wks) 104a 105a 106a 107a
5 0/10 0/17 0/10 5/5
10 ND 3/17 2/10 ND
14b 0/5 2/10 4/10 5/5
Cumulative results 0/15 5/27 6/20 10/10
  1. a Mice were needle infected with varying concentrations of bacteria. Infection rates were assessed at the noted timepoints by culturing BbKH500 from ear-punch biopsies.
  2. b Mice from 14 week timepoint represent groups distinct from the 5- and 10-week groups.