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Table 1 Characteristics of C. burnetii isolates. Designation, geographical origin and host species of C. burnetii isolates testing positive by the novel C. burnetii real-time PCR

From: High throughput detection of Coxiella burnetii by real-time PCR with internal control system and automated DNA preparation

C. burnetii strain Geographical origin Host species
Nine Mile USA USA Tick
Priscilla USA USA Goat
Scurry USA USA Human
Dugway USA USA Rodent
Z 2775 Germany Cattle
Pohlheim Germany Sheep
Max Germany Sheep
Tiho 1 Germany unknown
Hardthof/90 Germany Cattle
Frankfurt Germany Cattle
Z 104/94 Germany Sheep
München Germany Sheep
OSH-1 Germany Cattle
Bru 180 Germany Cattle
Wdk 1188 Germany Sheep
Zeckenpool 11 Germany Tick
Namibia Namibia Goat
F-2 France Human
F-4 France Human
R1140 Russia Human
CS-Florian Slovakia Human
CS-Bud Slovakia Human
CS-KL 4 Slovakia Tick
CS-Dayer Slovakia Tick
Utvinis Romania Human
Stancia Romania Human
Brasov Romania Human
Balaceanu Romania Human
J-3 Japan Cattle
Henzerling Italy Human
CS-R Italy Human
Herzberg Greece Human
Andelfingen Switzerland Cattle
Soyta Switzerland Cattle
Boren unknown Cattle