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Table 1 Bacterial strains and plasmids used in this study.

From: Genomic, genetic and structural analysis of pyoverdine-mediated iron acquisition in the plant growth-promoting bacterium Pseudomonas fluorescens SBW25

Strain/plasmid Relevant genotype and/or other characteristics Reference
P. fluorescens   
SBW25 Wild-type [17]
PBR840 SBW25ΔpvdL or ΔPflu4387 This study
15F3 PBR840 with mini-Tn phoA3 disruption of secondary siderophore biosynthesis genes, GmR S. Matthijs, unpublished
TR107.1.1a SBW25 carrying the pvdS-'lacZ fusion, SmR This study
TR107.2.1a SBW25 carrying the pvdL-'lacZ fusion, SmR This study
TR107.4.1a SBW25 carrying the fpvI::'lacZ fusion, SmR This study
TR107.5.1a SBW25 carrying the fpvR::'lacZ fusion, SmR This study
TR135.1.1a SBW25 carrying the fpvA::'lacZ fusion, SmR This study
TR137.2.1 TR107.2.1 with pTr130.1, GmR This study
TR137.3.1 TR107.2.1 with pTr130.2, GmR This study
TR137.4.1 TR107.2.1 with pTr130.3, GmR This study
TR156.1.1 TR107.2.1 with pBroadgate-D, GmR This study
TR138.2.1 TR135.1.1 with pTr130.1, GmR This study
TR138.3.1 TR135.1.1 with pTr130.2, GmR This study
TR138.4.1 TR135.1.1 with pTr130.3, GmR This study
TR156.3.1 TR135.1.1 with pBroadgate-D This study
TR168.1.1 TR107.5.1 with pTr130.1, GmR This study
TR168.2.1 TR107.5.1 with pTr130.2, GmR This study
TR168.3.1 TR107.5.1 with pTr130.3, GmR This study
TR168.4.1 TR107.5.1 with pBroadgate-D This study
pUIC3 Integration vector with 'lacZ, TcR [20]
pHP45Ω Source of the omega cassette, SmR [51]
pIVET-Sm pUIC3 with tet gene replaced by Smr/Spr Ω fragment from pHP45Ω, SmR This study
pUIC3–40 pUIC3 containing pvdL deletion fragment This study
pCR2.1 PCR product cloning vector, KmR Invitrogen
pRK2013 helper plasmid, KmR, Tra+ [52]
pTR100.1.1 pIVET-Sm carrying the pvdS-'lacZ fusion This study
pTR100.2.1 pIVET-Sm carrying the pvdL-'lacZ fusion This study
pTR100.4.1 pIVET-Sm carrying the fpvI-'lacZ fusion This study
pTR100.5.1 pIVET-Sm carrying the fpvR-'lacZ fusion This study
pTR128.1.1 pIVET-Sm carrying the fpvA-'lacZ fusion This study
pBroadgate Gateway expression vector with Plac promoter, GmR Thwaites and Mansfield
pBroadgate-D pBroadgate with ccdB gene replaced with the linker fragment, GmR; [53]
pTR130.1 pBroadgate::pvdS, GmR This study
pTR130.2 pBroadgate::fpvI, GmR This study
pTR130.3 pBroadgate::fpvR, GmR This study
  1. a The 'lacZ fusion reporter was integrated into the PVD locus by insertion-duplication thus the gene function was not affected.