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Figure 2

From: Distribution of transferrin binding protein B gene (tbpB) variants among Neisseriaspecies

Figure 2

ClonalFrame representation of tbpB recombination events. The nucleotide sequence of tbpB genes is represented on the x axis with the red line indicating at each locus the probability for an import on a scale from 0 (bottom of the y axis) to 1 (top of the y axis). Each inferred substitution in the graph is represented by a cross, the intensity of which indicating the posterior probability for that substitution. In panel A, recombination events occurring at node 1 in the phylogenetic tree (fig. 1) are represented. A mosaic gene structure is evident with fragments present between bases 150 and 300, 800 and 1000 and 1400 and 1800. In panel B, horizontal genetic exchange at node 2 are depicted occurring from bases 200 to 800 and, in panel C node 3 is represented.

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