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Table 1 Identification of Chlamydophila psittaci genotypes and subgroups based on analysis of published ompA sequences

From: Genotyping of Chlamydophila psittaci using a new DNA microarray assay based on sequence analysis of ompA genes

Genotype-Subgroup Type strain GenBank acc. no.
A-VS1 VS1, MN Zhang AF269281.1
A-6BC 6BC X56980.1
A-8455 84–55 Y16561.1
B CP3 AF269265.1
C GR9, avian type C L25436.1
D-NJ1 NJ1 AF269266.1
D-9N 9N EF375557.1
E CPMN, EAE A22/M X12647.1
EB-E30 WS/RT/E30 AY762613.1
EB-859 06-859/1 EU159263.1
EB-KKCP KKCP-1 AB284062.1
F VS225 AF269259.1
M56 M56 AF269268.1
WC WC AF269269.1
1V* 1V EF028916.1
6N* 6N EF197820.1
Mat116* Mat116 AB284058.1
R54* R54 AJ243525.1
YP84* Daruma-1981 AB284065.1
CPX0308* CPX0308 AB284064.1
  1. * provisional genotypes