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Figure 8

From: Molecular and functional characterization of a Rho GDP dissociation inhibitor in the filamentous fungus Tuber borchii

Figure 8

Actin polymerization response in Dictyostelium upon cAMP stimulation of aggregation competent cells. The relative F-actin content was determined by TRITC-phalloidin staining of cells fixed at the indicated time points after stimulation with 1 μM cAMP. Each data point represents the average of at least three independent measurements. For the sake of clarity, error bars are not shown and the results are presented in two graphs. In GDI1-cells the initial response of actin polymerization and depolymerization was reduced, and was restored after expression (indicated by an R, for rescue) of bovine RhoGDI1, but not human LyGDI or TbGDI. Expression of TbRhoGDI resulted in a further decreased first peak and an abolished second peak of actin polymerization.

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