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Figure 3

From: Sequence variability of Campylobactertemperate bacteriophages

Figure 3

Schematic diagram of the major structural features of the 12 CMLP 1 homologs compared with the sequence of CMLP 1 from RM 1221. All isolates were numbered against the RM 1221 sequence beginning with the putative target site duplication starting at position 207005 in the RM 1221 genome, which becomes nucleotide 1 in the figure. The common backbone is shown in black, deletions by gaps in the sequence, insertions by loops above the backbone, and regions of divergent sequence are shown with different shading or patterns. Numbers above gaps, insertions, and divergent sequence indicate the length of the feature, while numbers on each side of the sequence show the position in the CMLP 1 sequence where each sequence begins and ends. Approximate locations of the phage coding regions are shown at the bottom of the figure.

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