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Figure 5

From: Aedes aegyptiuses RNA interference in defense against Sindbis virus infection

Figure 5

Ae aegypti Ago2 protein depletion and accumulation varied in a virus-dependent manner. Protein was extracted from pools of ten midguts from unfed, bloodfed or virus/bloodfed adult female Ae aegypti at the time points indicated. Equivalent protein amounts were separated by 4–15% gradient PAGE prior to blotting. Anti-Ae aegypti Ago2 antibody recognizes the carboxy-terminal peptide sequence YERMQIRTEIQDGHPMFFV. The loading control is a 19 kDa Ago2 cross-reacting band. "U", unfed female, "B", non-infectious bloodfed female, "M", MRE16-eGFP-infected, "T", TR339-eGFP-infected. Blots are representative of two independent experiments.

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