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Table 2 Top paths in the MAP-RES network

From: Mycobacterium tuberculosis interactome analysis unravels potential pathways to drug resistance

Path Score
Rv0242c (FabG4) -(276)→Rv2245 (KasA) -(596)→Rv2737c (RecA) 0.0102
Rv0242c -(276)→Rv2245 -(596)→Rv2737c -(44)→Rv2720 (LexA) 0.0727
Rv0904c (AccD3) -(241)→Rv1547 (DnaE1) 0.1000
Rv0824c (DesA1) -(162)→Rv0823c -(247)→Rv2737c 0.1344
Rv0242c -(276)→Rv2245 -(596)→Rv2737c -(96)→Rv2593c (RuvA) 0.1352
Rv2246 (KasB) -(400)→Rv1131 (GltA1) -(526)→Rv1629 (PolA) 0.1389
Rv2243 (FabD) -(200)→Rv3546 (FadA5) -(395)→Rv3545c (Cyp125) 0.0174
Rv0242c -(436)→Rv2243 -(200)→Rv3546 -(395)→Rv3545c 0.0203
Rv1350 (FabG2) -(205)→Rv2243 -(200)→Rv3546 -(395)→Rv3545c 0.0230
Rv1483 (FabG1) -(121)→Rv2243 -(200)→Rv3546 -(395)→Rv3545c 0.0352
Rv2243 -(257)→Rv0769 -(558)→Rv0766c (Cyp123) 0.0643
Rv0242c -(436)→Rv2243 -(559)→Rv2782c (PepR) -(513)→Rv1622c (CydB) 0.0655
Rv0242c -(436)→Rv2243 -(257)→Rv0769 -(558)→Rv0766c (Cyp123) 0.0673
Rv0242c -(436)→Rv2243 -(559)→Rv2782c -(578)→Rv2193 (CtaE) 0.0738
Rv0643c (MmaA3) -(350)→Rv0892 -(350)→Rv0568 (Cyp135B1) 0.0956
Rv0643c -(350)→Rv0892 -(350)→Rv3059 (Cyp136) 0.0956
Rv2245 -(565)→Rv0340 -(447)→Rv0342 (IniA) 0.0526
Rv0242c -(276)→Rv2245 -(565)→Rv0340 -(447)→Rv0342 0.0580
Rv2243 -(356)→Rv2238c (AhpE) -(569)→Rv2687c 0.0901
Rv2243 -(2)→Rv2245 -(565)→Rv0340 -(447)→Rv0342 0.1151
Rv0642c (MmaA4) -(350)→Rv3248c (sahH) -(486)→Rv3240c -(323)→Rv3239c 0.1365
Rv0642c -(350)→Rv3248c -(350)→Rv1988 0.1385
Rv1350 -(90)→Rv2245 -(596)→Rv2737c -(429)→Rv2882c (Frr) -(584)→Rv0783c (EmrB) 0.3169
Rv2245 -(369)→Rv1908c (KatG) -(350)→Rv1988 0.3833
Rv0242c -(276)→Rv2245 -(369)→Rv1908c -(350)→Rv1988 0.3888
Rv0644c (MmaA2) -(350)→Rv3248c -(486)→Rv3240c (SecA1) 0.0812
Rv2243 -(202)→Rv2925c (Rnc) -(378)→Rv3659c 0.0913
Rv2243 -(202)→Rv2925c -(378)→Rv3659c -(63)→Rv3660c 0.1538
Rv2245 -(596)→Rv2737c -(514)→Rv2890c (RpsB) -(187)→Rv3240c 0.3715
Rv2524c (Fas) -(464)→Rv2918c (GlnD) -(380)→Rv2890c -(187)→Rv3240c 0.4833
  1. The weighted score for each path is shown. The nodes upregulated by MAP drugs are indicated in bold typeface, while those that are upregulated by other drugs are underlined. The figures in parentheses indicate the edge weight; a lower edge weight indicates a higher confidence in the interaction. The edge weights range from 1 to 999. Lower edge weights are better. STRING scores range from 1 to 999. However, since edge weights are conventionally represented such that lower weights indicate better paths, the edge weights have been computed as 1000-STRING_score.