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Table 1 Curated list of resistance proteins

From: Mycobacterium tuberculosis interactome analysis unravels potential pathways to drug resistance

Antibiotic efflux pumps[6, 29]
PstB (Rv0933), Rv2686c, Rv2687c, Rv1688c, IniA (Rv0342), Mmr (Rv3065)
Rv3239c, Rv3728, Rv2846c, Rv1877, Rv2333c, Rv2459, Rv1410c, Rv1250, Rv1258c, Rv0783c, Rv1634, Rv0849
Hypothetical efflux pumps[29]
Rv0191, Rv0037c, Rv2456c, Rv2994
Antibiotic degrading enzymes* [6]
BlaC (Rv2068c)
Target-modifying enzymes* [30, 31]
Erm37 (Rv1988), WhiB7 (Rv3197A)
SOS and related genes[7]
DnaE2 (Rv3370c), RuvA (Rv2593c), RecA (Rv2737c), RecB (Rv0630c), RecC (Rv0631c), RecD (Rv0629c), DnaE1 (Rv1547), PolA (Rv1629), LexA (Rv2720)
Genes implicated in horizontal gene transfer[7, 32]
SecA1 (Rv3240c), SecA2 (Rv1821), Rv3659c, Rv3660c
CcdA (Rv0527), CcsA (Rv0529), CtaB (Rv1451), CtaC (Rv2200c), CtaD (Rv3043c), CtaE (Rv2193), CydA (Rv1623c), CydB (Rv1622c), CydC (Rv1620c), CydD (Rv1621c), Cyp121 (Rv2276), Cyp123 (Rv0766c), Cyp124 (Rv2266), Cyp125 (Rv3545c), Cyp126 (Rv0778), Cyp128 (Rv2268c), Cyp130 (Rv1256c), Cyp132 (Rv1394c), Cyp135A1 (Rv0327c), Cyp135B1 (Rv0568), Cyp136 (Rv3059), Cyp137 (Rv3685c), Cyp138 (Rv0136), Cyp139 (Rv1666c), Cyp140 (Rv1880c), Cyp141 (Rv3121), Cyp142 (Rv3518c), Cyp143 (Rv1785c), Cyp144 (Rv1777), Cyp51 (Rv0764c), DipZ (Rv2874), LldD1 (Rv0694), LldD2 (Rv1872c), QcrB (Rv2196), QcrC (Rv2194), SdhC (Rv3316)
  1. *These proteins are antibiotic degrading and target modifying proteins, but since they are very few, have been included with the pumps for convenience.