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Figure 2

From: Mycobacterium tuberculosis interactome analysis unravels potential pathways to drug resistance

Figure 2

Illustration of the MAP-RES network. Illustration of a portion of the MAP-RES network. The full MAP-RES network (high-resolution zoomable PDF) is available as supplementary material [see Additional File 2]. Only a portion of it is shown here for clarity. In this, the tight clustering of the cytochrome proteins (coloured as green nodes) can be seen. Rv0892, a co-target suggested from this analysis links up the cytochrome clusters to the MAP proteins. Nodes correspond to the individual proteins in the network while the edges indicate interactions between them. Each class of nodes is coloured differently. The nodes are sized in proportion to the number of MAP drugs that induce its upregulation. The thickness of an edge is proportional to the number of times a shortest path is traversed through that edge.

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