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Figure 3

From: Genomic analysis of bacteriophage ε34 of Salmonella entericaserovar Anatum (15+)

Figure 3

The "ant morons" of the P22-like phages. The genomic regions between the homologues of P22 genes 16 and 9 are shown for the currently known P22-like phages and prophages (the 16 and 9 homologues are indicated in dark orange and marked with the P22 gene name). Genes with the ant moron (see text) are shown as boxes with one end pointing the direction of transcription, and previously given gene names are indicated on the genes for phages P22 and ε34; gene colors and names in the other phages indicate which P22 and/or ε34 they are similar to. Blue genes are each unique sequence; that is, the different blue genes are unrelated to one another. The gray triangle indicated the presence of a IS3 transposon. Asterisks (*) denote genes that appear to be damaged by truncation or frame breaking mutations relative to the P22 genes. Sources for the sequences of the phages and prophages shown in the figure, that are not given in the text, are E. coli HS (accession No. CP000802) and E. coli B7A (accession No. NZ_AAJT01000004).

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