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Figure 2

From: Functional identification of HugZ, a heme oxygenase from Helicobacter pylori

Figure 2

SDS-PAGE of the purified recombinant HugZ protein and binding of HugZ to hemin-agarose. (A) lane 1, molecular mass markers; lane 2, pET22b-hugZ/E. coli BL21(DE3); lane 3, purified 6 × His-HugZ; (B): lane 1, molecular mass markers;lane 2, purified 6 × His-HugZ;lane 3, proteins that bound to the hemin-agarose; lane 4, proteins that bound to the hemin-agarose after preincubation with 10 nmol hemin. The data are representative of triplicate independent experiments.

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