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Table 2 Relative expression of biofilm-related genes.

From: The Role of msa in Staphylococcus aureus Biofilm Formation

Gene Function msa vs. COL compl. vs. COL
fnbA fibronectin-binding protein 0.79 0.83
clfA clumping factor A 0.16 0.68
atl bifunctional autolysin 0.35 0.88
alsS α-acetolactate synthase 9.77 1.51
arcA arginine deiminase < 0.001 0.56
icaA intercellular adhesin 0.72 2.06
spxA transcriptional-regulator 0.72 1.16
tcaR transcription regulator 1.12 0.76
  1. Relative expression of several biofilm-related genes in the msa mutant or the complemented mutant (compl.) relative to wild-type (COL) during biofilm growth. Values represent the mean ratio of three independent experiments. Genes with significant changes (twofold or higher) in expression are highlighted.