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Table 2 B. mandrillaris RNase P genomic DNA in infected brain tissues detected by real-time PCR

From: Detection of Balamuthia mandrillaris DNA by real-time PCR targeting the RNase P gene

[pg] c)
equivalents d)
CT e)
Murine brain tissue from non-infected mice > 500 neg ≥ 39
Murine brain tissue from B.m.-infected mice a) n.d. n.d. 30
Human brain tissue from non-infected patients n.d. neg ≥ 39
Human brain tissue spiked with 50 B.m. n.d. 50 29
Human brain tissue from BAE-patient 1 b) (1:100) n.d. n.d. 30
Human brain tissue from BAE-patient 2 b) (1:10) n.d. n.d. 35
  1. a) A highly symptomatic CD4+ T cell-deficient mouse 14 days post intranasal infection with B. mandrillaris amoebae. b) DNA extracted from 2 fresh BAE-patient brain biopsy samples ([23] Table 1: cases 4 and 5). c) Minimal amounts of total DNA giving positive results (CT < 39). d) Minimal numbers of amoebae (calculated as amoeba DNA equivalents per PCR tube) giving positive results; neg = CT ≥ 39 for at least 500 ng total DNA. e) Range of CT values measured; neg = CT ≥ 39 or no DNA detected; n.d. = not done.