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Table 5 Identities of variable region V3 DGGE bands picked and sequenced from the gel in Figure 6B

From: A short-oligonucleotide microarray that allows improved detection of gastrointestinal tract microbial communities

DGGE band number Closest relative (if known) Origin and accession number Sequence homology (%)
1 Barnesiella intestinihominis Human faeces [GenBank:AB370251] 100
2 Uncultured bacterial clone Adult human faeces [GenBank:AY983922] 100
3 Bacteroides dorei Human faeces [GenBank:AB242142] 100
4 Uncultured Bacteroides clone Human faeces [GenBank:EU381174] 100
5 Bacteroides fragilis No origin given [GenBank:CR626927] 100
6 Desulfovibrio spp. No origin given [GenBank:U60095] 100
7 Uncultured bacterium clone Human faeces [GenBank:DQ800759] 100
8 Uncultured faecal bacterium clone Adult with Crohn's disease [GenBank:AY471705] 100
9 Uncultured bacterium clone Human adult faecal sample [GenBank:AY985184] 100
10 Bacteroides vulgatus Human large intestine [GenBank:AY978412] 99
11 Uncultured Bacteroides spp. Human faeces [GenBank:DQ808592] 100
12 Bacteroides eggerthii Human intestine [GenBank:AB050107] 100
13 Uncultured bacterial clone Activated sludge in circulation flush toilet [GenBank:AB196029] 95
14 Prevotella spp. Human oral clone [GenBank:AY005054] 92
15 Uncultured bacterial clone Human faeces [GenBank:AY343236] 97
16 Bacteroides uniformis Human faeces [GenBank:AB247142] 100
17 Bacteroides eggerthii Human faeces [GenBank:AB050107] 100