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Table 1 Quantification of HtrA immunofluorescence (as a ratio of LPS) during penicillin and IFN-γ medicated persistence compared to untreated (acute) controls

From: Chlamydia trachomatisresponds to heat shock, penicillin induced persistence, and IFN-gamma persistence by altering levels of the extracytoplasmic stress response protease HtrA

Acute Penicillin Acute IFN-γ
20 h PI   20 h PI  
1.1a (0.08b) 0.84 (0.089) 0.74&(0.09) 0.62 (0.05)
44 h PI   44 h PI  
1.49 (0.23) 1.85 (0.052) 1.06 (0.04) 0.33 (0.13)
  1. a Each number represents the ratio of HtrA to LPS immunofluorescence in >10 individual inclusions dual labelled with LPS (FITC) and HtrA (561) antibodies. Quantification of total fluorescence was conducted under identical laser and microscopy settings on slides prepared on the same day (acute and persistence model).
  2. b Standard error measurements are shown in brackets beside each Figure.
  3. &Immunofluorescence for IFN-γ cultures was conducted with a higher laser power setting for laser 561 collections to enable accurate calculations of the HtrA measurements. Due to this difference control acute ratios are shown for both conditions.