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Table 1 SCOTS identified M. osloensis genes differentially expressed in vivo

From: Moraxella osloensis Gene Expression in the Slug Host Deroceras reticulatum

Seq Gene Accession %Identity/%Similaritya E-value Spanb Possible functionc
M1 sclB DQ324274 50/63, Streptococcus 9e-24 96 Surface lipoprotein
M2 vspC DQ324276 46/56, Mycobacterium 4e-06 50 Ala and Pro rich protein
M11 secA DQ324262 77/88, Psychrobacter 5e-127 299 Preprotein translocase
M12 acs DQ324263 76/89, Psychrobacter 0 442 Acyl-CoA synthetases
M13 acc DQ324264 85/90, Psychrobacter 0 480 Acetyl-CoA carboxylase
M4 spp DQ324275 50/63, Lactobacillus 2e-05 37 Surface protein precursor
M5 dsbC DQ324260 49/67, Psychrobacter 5e-70 257 Disulfide isomerase
M6 abp DQ324271 80/86, Acinetobacter 2e-51 145 ATP-binding protein
M7 ats DQ324266 31/46, Psychrobacter 7e-11 163 Acetyltransferases
M8 ubiS DQ324261 71/83, Psychrobacter 0 557 Ubiquinone synthesis
M9 pca DQ324272 67/80, Psychrobacter 3e-46 131 Carboxymuconolactone decarboxylase
M10 adh DQ324273 90/96, Acinetobacter 5e-55 114 Aldehyde dehydrogenase
M3    No similarity    Unknown
  1. a %Identity/%Similarity percentages apply to amino acids.
  2. b Span means the number of amino acids over which similarity was detected.
  3. c Genes with highest similarity to SCOTS identified sequences.