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Table 1 Bacterial strains and plasmids used in this study

From: Functional analysis of the group A streptococcal luxS/AI-2 system in metabolism, adaptation to stress and interaction with host cells

Strain/plasmid Relevant characteristics Source
Streptococcus pyogenes
   RDN29 M1 type ATCC 700294
   RDN02 M19 type Lab strain collection
   EC478 Isogenic luxS-deficient mutant of RDN29 This study
   RDN306 Isogenic luxS-deficient mutant of RDN02 This study
   EC460 RDN29 (pEC82) This study
   EC489 EC478 (pEC82) This study
   EC490 EC478 (pEC83) This study
   EC480 RDN02 (pEC82) This study
   EC481 RDN306 (pEC82) This study
   EC482 RDN306 (pEC83) This study
Escherichia coli
   DH5α Host for cloning; AI-2 deficient (contains a frame-shift mutation in luxS) Lab strain collection
   TOP10 Host for cloning Invitrogen
   EC467 DH5α (pEC82) This study
   EC464 DH5α (pEC83) This study
Vibrio harveyi
   BB170 AI-1 sensor deficient, AI-2 sensor positive [9]
   pAT21 Apr Kmr; pBR322Ω 1.5-kb pJH1 Cla I (aphIII) [61]
   pUC19 ColE1ori, Ampr, lacZ New England Biolabs
   pEC131 pUC19ΩluxS up-aphIII-luxS down This study
   pEC82 repDEG-pAMβ1, ermAM/B, ColE1ori This study
   pEC83 pEC82ΩPluxS-luxS-TT This study