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Table 2 Functional categories of genes expressed at least 2-fold higher in C. albicans strain ATCC10231 compared with strain SC5314 after transcriptional profiling in SD-medium with P < 0.05

From: Phenotypic screening, transcriptional profiling, and comparative genomic analysis of an invasive and non-invasive strain of Candida albicans

Functional category Gene names
(oxidative) Stress MLS1, TTR1, GPH1, STI1, CAT1, SOD2, GLR1, CNB1, MCR1, YHB1, AHP1
Nitrogen metabolism MEP2, GAT1, TFS1, orf19.5784, AMO2, HBR2, orf19.346, CPY1
Nucleus associated HHT1, HTA1, HHF22, HHT21, NHP6A, orf19.4657, POL30
Cell surface ECM33, ALS4, ALS12, PIR1, KRE1, PGA14, PGA56
Carbon metabolism SFC1, GLK1, GRE3, SDH4, PMM1, GPM1
Others ARG83, MNN22, AHP2, STP3, RIB5, orf19.5517, orf19.2166, orf19.5684, COF1, MIG1, FGR14, YKE2, ADH1, RIB3, HSL1, orf19.2966
Unknown function orf19.5141, orf19.4132, orf19.94, orf19.1344, orf19.5612, orf19.3793, orf19.137, orf19.2693, orf19.1946, orf19.4220, orf19.868, orf19.3053, orf19.5642, orf19.3226, orf19.997, orf19.3484, orf19.4633, orf19.285, orf19.6065, orf19.949, orf19.2269, orf19.4241, orf19.6132, orf19.3335