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Figure 3

From: A comparison of cecal colonization of Salmonella enterica serotype Typhimurium in white leghorn chicks and Salmonella-resistant mice

Figure 3

Different niches for cecal colonization of serotype Typhimurium following oral infection in chicks and mice. Recovery of wild type ATCC14028 and ΔinvA mutant from the whole cecum (tissue + contents), the cecal contents only, the cecal epithelium associated (extracellular attached+intracellular), and intracellular to the cecal epithelium of both chicks and mice. Colonization levels of these compartments by WT ATCC14028 in chicks (A) and mice (B), and ΔinvA mutant of chicks (C) and mice (D) following oral inoculation is shown as mean log CFU/gm of cecal tissue, and error bars denote standard error.

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