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Figure 3

From: Demonstration of IS711 transposition in Brucella ovis and Brucella pinnipedialis

Figure 3

Diversity of restriction profiles and nucleotide sequence of IS 711 copies recovered in IS 711 insertions in pGBG1. A) PCR products from several pGBG1/TcR mutants digested with HaeIII. Lanes 1 to 6 contain insertions obtained in B. pinnipedialis B2/94. Lanes 7–10 insertions obtained in B. ovis BOC22 Lane 11, PCR product from pGBG1. M: Molecular size marker (1 Kb DNA ladder, Invitrogen). Letters under the picture indicate the different restriction patterns obtained. In B) the nucleotide sequences of the IS711 copies transposed into cI lambda repressor gene were compared with IS711A from B. ovis (GenBank Accession number: M94960). Only the variable regions and the HaeIII sites are shown. Identical nucleotides are represented by dots. Numerals in the top indicate the positions where nucleotide changes occur. Nucleotide substitutions are boldface and shaded. The HaeIII restriction sites are indicated within open boxes.

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