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Figure 2

From: Role of IFN-gamma and IL-6 in a protective immune response to Yersinia enterocoliticain mice

Figure 2

Comparison of gene expression between mice infected with pYV+ and Δ yopH. Microarray analysis of CD11b+ cells isolated from spleen of mice infected with pYV+ or ΔyopH for one day. All probe sets are displayed whose SLR ratio between infection with pYV+ and ΔyopH for one day was > 1.49 or < -1.49. Heat maps indicate increased (red) or decreased (green) expression of genes in CD11b+ cells one day after infection of mice compared to CD11b+ cells from uninfected mice. The heatmaps indicate genes differentially expressed and clustered in different groups: (A, approach I) sublethal pYV+ infection versus sublethal ΔyopH infection; (B, approach II) sublethal pYV+ versus lethal ΔyopH infection. (C) CD11b+ cells were enriched from uninfected mice and from mice infected for 1 day with pYV+ or ΔyopH, and RNA was extracted. mRNA expression of IFN-γ, IL-6, IL-12p35 and MARCO was analysed and normalized to RPL8 mRNA expression. The data represent the fold induction of mRNA expression compared to CD11b+ cells from uninfected mice. Representative data for three independent experiments are shown.

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