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Table 1 P. acnes isolates used, result of biotyping and obtained phage isolates.

From: Inducible Siphoviruses in superficial and deep tissue isolates of Propionibacterium acnes

Isolate Biotype Phage Major Head
AD1 IA - -
AD2 IA PAD2* EU302613
AD3 IB - -
AD4 IA PAD4* EU302614
AD5 IA PAD5* EU302615
AD6 IA PAD6* EU302616
AD7 II PAD7* EU302617
AD8 IA PAD8* EU302618
AD9 IA PAD9* EU302619
AD10 II PAD10* EU302620
AD11 IA PAD11* EU302621
AD12 IB - -
AD13 II PAD13* EU302622
AD14 II PAD14* EU302623
AD15 IA - -
AD16 II - -
AD17 IA PAD17* EU302624
AD18 II - -
AD19 IA PAD19* EU302625
AD20 II PAD20* EU302626
AD21 II PAD21* EU302627
AD22 IA PAD22* EU302628
AD23 IA PAD23* EU302629
AD24 II PAD24* EU302630
AD25 IA PAD25* EU302631
AD26 IB - -
AD27 IB - -
AD28 IA PAD28* EU302632
AD29 IA - -
AD30 IA PAD30* EU302633
AD31 II - -
AD33 IB - -
AD35 IA PAD35 EU302634
AD36 IA PAD36* EU302635
AD38 IA PAD38 EU302636
AD39 IB - -
AD40 IA PAD40* EU302637
AD41 IA PAD41* EU302638
AD42 IA PAD42* EU302639
AD43 IB - -
AD44 IA PAD44 EU302640
AD45 IA PAD45 EU302641
AD47 IA PAD47 EU302642
AD48 IA PAD48 EU302643
AS1 IB - -
AS2 IA PAS2 EU302610
AS3 IB PAS3 EU302611
AS4 IA PAS4 EU302651
AS5 IA - -
AS6 IA PAS6 EU302612
AS7 IA PAS7 EU302652
AS8 II PAS8 EU302653
AS9 II PAS9 EU302654
AS10 IA PAS10 EU302655
AS11 IB PAS11 EU302656
AS12 II PAS12 EU302657
AS13 IB PAS13 EU302658
AS14 IA - -
AS16 IB PAS16 EU302659
AS18 IB - -
AS20 II - -
AS21 II - -
AS22 II PAS22 EU302660
AS23 IB PAS23 EU302661
AS24 IA PAS24 EU302662
AS25 IA PAS25 EU302663
AS26 IA PAS26 EU302664
AS27 IA PAS27 EU302665
AS28 II - -
AS29 II PAS29 EU302666
AS30 IA PAS30 EU302667
AS31 IA PAS31 EU302668
AS32 IA - -
AS33 IA - -
AS34 IA - -
AS35 IA PAS35 EU302669
AS37 IB PAS37 EU302670
AS38 IB - -
AS39 II PAS39 EU302671
AS40 II PAS40 EU302644
AS41 II PAS41 EU302645
AS42 II PAS42 EU302646
AS43 II PAS43 EU302647
AS44 IA PAS44 EU302607
AS45 IA - -
AS46 IB PAS46 EU302608
AS47 IA PAS47* EU302648
AS48 IA - -
AS49 IB PAS49 EU302649
AS50 IA PAS50* EU302609
AS51 IA - -
AS52 II PAS52 EU302650
  1. * phages from which high quality TEM micrographs were obtained.