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Table 1 Sequence analyses of inserted fragments on phage clones in the original library and the third or fourth post-selection libraries with four Ig molecules

From: Evolutional selection of a combinatorial phage library displaying randomly-rearranged various single domains of immunoglobulin (Ig)-binding proteins (IBPs) with four kinds of Ig molecules

Phage Libraries Composition of single domains of inserted fragment
The original phage library (5*) PG-PL9N; PA(A)-PG-PL6N; PG3NR-PGR-PA(D)6N; PL3N-PA(D); PG6N-PA(A)3N-PLR
The 4th round of selection with hIgG (10) PA(A)-PG9N(5**);PA(A)-PG(2); PA(A)-PG3N(2); PA(A)6N-PG3N
The 4th round of selection with hIgG1-Fc (10) PA(A)-PG(7); PA(A)6N-PG(2); PA(A)3N-PG-PA(A)
The third round of selection with hIgM (11) PA(A)-PL-PL9N(4); PA(A)6N-PL9N(2); PA(A)-PL3N(3); PA(A)9N-PL3N; PA(A)9N-PL
The 4th round of selection with hIgA (10) PA(A)-PL-PL9N(5); PA(A)6N-PL9N(2); PA(A)-PL3N(2); PA(A)9N-PL3N
  1. *: Number of sequenced phage clones; **: number of phage clones with the same inserted fragment; PA(A) and PA(D): A and D domains of protein A; PG: B2 domain of protein G; PL: B3 domain of protein L; 3N, 6N and 9N: the sequence of random linking peptides composed of three, six and nine nucleotides; R: reverse sequence of original sequence.