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Figure 4

From: Evolutional selection of a combinatorial phage library displaying randomly-rearranged various single domains of immunoglobulin (Ig)-binding proteins (IBPs) with four kinds of Ig molecules

Figure 4

Binding activities of seven fusion proteins of the novel combinatorial molecules, SpA, SpG and 4L with hIgG (A), hIgG1-Fc (B), hIgM (C) and hIgA (D) respectively by Western Blot. Seven fusion proteins, SpA, SpG and 4L (each of 5 μg) were separated by electrophoresis in SDS-PAGE and electrotransferred to nitrocellulose membrane respectively. The membrane was incubated with biotin labeled hIgG, hIgG1-Fc, hIgM and hIgA in 1:3 000 dilution respectively and detected with HRP-conjugated streptavidin, followed by developing with DAB. 1, fusion protein PA(A)3N-PG-PA(A); 2, fusion protein PA(A)6N-PG; 3, fusion protein PA(A)-PG; 4, fusion protein PA(A)-PG9N; 5, fusion protein PA(A)6N-PG3N; 6, fusion protein PA(A)9N-PL3N; 7, fusion protein PA(A)9N-PL; 8, fusion protein 4L; 9, SpA; 10, SpG.

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