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Table 1 Strains and plasmids used in this study

From: Spx mediates oxidative stress regulation of the methionine sulfoxide reductases operon in Bacillus subtilis

Strains Genotype Source or Reference
Escherichia coli
DH5α F-, Δ80dlacZΔM15, Δ(lacZYA-argF)U169, deoR, recA1, endA1 Laboratory collection
  hsdR17(rk-, mk+), phoA, supE44, λ -, thi-1, gyrA96, relA1  
Bacillus subtilis   
168 trpC2 Laboratory collection
BFS2842 trpC2 spx::lacZ erm Functional analysis projecta
BSY2530 trpC2 amyE:: pX vector cat This work
BSY2531 trpC2 amyE:: (pxyl-spx10A-HA) cat This work
BSY2533 trpC2 amyE:: (pxyl-spx13A-HA) cat This work
BSY2534 trpC2 amyE:: (pxyl-spx-HA) cat This work
BSY2535 trpC2 amyE:: (pxyl-spx10A13A-HA) cat This work
BSY4260 trpC2 clpX::aphA-3 spx::lacZ erm This work
BSY4546 trpC2 msrA::lacZ cat This work
BSY5000 trpC2 spx::aphA-3 This work
BSY5051 trpC2 spx::aphA-3 thrC::(pxyl-spx) spc This work
BSY5052 trpC2 spx::aphA-3 thrC::(pxyl-spx10A13A) spc This work
BSY5531 trpC2 spx::aphA-3 amyE:: (pxyl-spx10A-HA) cat This work
BSY5533 trpC2 spx::aphA-3 amyE:: (pxyl-spx13A-HA) cat This work
BSY5534 trpC2 spx::aphA-3 amyE:: (pxyl-spx-HA) cat This work
BSY5535 trpC2 spx::aphA-3 amyE:: (pxyl-spx10A13A-HA) cat This work
BSY6000 trpC2 clpX::aphA-3 This work
Plasmids Description Source or Reference
pDIA5307 lacZ transcriptional fusion vector, AmpR CamR [37]
pDG784 aphA-3 gene delivery vector, KanR [38]
pXT gene expression vector AmpRSpcR [40]
pX gene expression vector AmpRCamR [41]
pCHY109 pXT spx AmpRSpcR This work
pCHY110 pXT spx10A13A AmpRSpcR This work
pCHY111 pX spx10A-HA AmpRCamR This work
pCHY113 pX spx13A-HA AmpRCamR This work
pCHY115 pX spx10A13A-HA AmpRCamR This work
pCHY253 pX spx-HA AmpRCamR This work
pCHY4546 pDIA5307 msrA::lacZ AmpR CamR This work
  1. aThis strain has been constructed during the frame of the project for the functional characterization of the genome of B. subtilis in Japan [46].
  2. aphA-3 is a kanamycin resistance gene; cat is a chloramphenical acetyl transferase gene; spc is a spectinomycin resistance gene, erm is a erythromycin resistance gene.