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Table 1 Purification of Brucella suis 1330 urease.

From: Enzymatic, immunological and phylogenetic characterization of Brucella suis urease

Purification step Protein (mg) Total activity (μmol/min) Enzyme recovery (%) Specific activity (μmol urea/min per mg of protein) Purification (fold)
Crude extract 498 5229 100 10.5 1
Q sepharose 31 3472 66 112 10.6
Source PHE 1.2 648 12 540 51.4
  1. Purification data refers to a single preparation, obtained in a representative experiment. The enzyme was purified by ion exchange and hydrophobic interaction chromatographies. Enzyme activity was determined using a spectrophotometric coupled assay with glutamate dehydrogenase. Details are provided in Methods section.