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Figure 4

From: Predicting transcriptional regulatory interactions with artificial neural networks applied to E. coli multidrug resistance efflux pumps

Figure 4

Distribution of E. coli regulators evaluated in this work according to cellular process they control. TFs appearing in the TRN were annotated in the following categories: (a) local regulator of an MDR efflux pump(s), (b) global regulator of an MDR efflux pump(s), (c) member of an MDR efflux pump regulator family, (d) local or global regulator of non-MDR efflux pumps, (e) regulator of proteins related to efflux pumps or secretion, (f) regulator of an uptake transport system, and (g) regulator of metabolism. Bar labelled a-e represent the summed proportion of the categories (a) to (e) to the whole set of regulators, and are of special interest in this work because they are associated with efflux systems in bacteria.

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