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Figure 5

From: Development of bioluminescent Salmonella strains for use in food safety

Figure 5

The effect of washing on removal of Salmonella from chicken skin. Bioluminescence was used to measure the ability of agitated water bath to remove Salmonella strains from chicken skin. Salmonella was allowed to attach to chicken skin for 1 h, and then the amount of Salmonella present on skin that received four 30 min washes was compared to the amount of Salmonella present on non-washed skin. Bioluminescence was measured after each 30 min wash, and the mean of four replicates from three separate experiments was determined. A) Representative plate containing 3 Salmonella strains at five time points. Half of the plate included washed skin samples (w) and the other half included unwashed skin controls (nw). Column 1 is S. Seftenberg, column 2 is S. Thompson, and column 3 is S. Typhimurium. B) Amount of bioluminescence for the three representative strains at each time point.

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