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Table 1 Original source and passage history of C. burnetii isolates used in this study.

From: IS1111 insertion sequences of Coxiella burnetii: characterization and use for repetitive element PCR-based differentiation of Coxiella burnetii isolates

Genomic group     
RFLPa IS1111 PCRb Plasmid type Isolate (Phase)c Original source Passage historyd
I I QpH1 9Mi/I/C7 (I) Montana, tick, 1935 307GP/1TC/1EP
I I QpH1 9Mi/II/C4 (II) Montana, tick, 1935 304GP/90EP/1TC/4EP
I I QpH1 9Mi/RSA 514 (II) Montana, tick, 1935 307GP/1TC/1EP/343 days GP/5EP
I I QpH1 Ohio (I) Ohio, cow's milk, 1956 5EP/2GP/2EP
I I QpH1 Australian QD (II) Australia, human blood, ~1939 177EP
NDe I QpH1 Scottish (ND) Unknown Unknown
ND I QpH1 Idaho Q (ND) Unknown Unknown
ND I ND 9Mi/Baca (II) Montana, tick, 1935 307GP/1TC/1EP/4091 days TC
II II QpH1 Henzerling RSA 343 (I) Italy, human blood, 1945 6GP/25EP/1GP/4EP
II II QpH1 Henzerling RSA 331 (II) Italy, human blood, 1945 6GP/25EP/1GP/36EP
II II QpH1 M44 (II) Greece, human blood, ~1945 1GP/86EP/20GP/50MP/5EP
III III QpH1 Q195 (ND) Idaho, goat Unknown
IV IV QpRS KAV Q154 (I) Oregon, human heart valve, 1976 1GP/3EP
IV IV QpRS PAV Q173 (I) California, human heart valve, 1979 2EP
IV IV QpRS Priscilla Q177 (I) Montana, goat cotyledon, 1980 Unknown
ND IV QpRS Q238 (ND) Human heart valve, 1979 3EP
V V Plasmidless Q229 (I) Human heart valve, 1982 Unknown
ND V ND WAV (ND) Human heart valve Unknown
ND V ND Q172 (ND) Human placenta 3MP/2EP
ND I ND Qiyi (ND) China, human bone marrow, 1962 Unknown
ND I ND Poker Cat (ND) Nova Scotia, 1987 Unknown
  1. aAs determined in previous studies [4, 5].
  2. bAs determined in this study.
  3. cPhase of isolate as determined by complement block titration, M.G. Peacock, Rocky Mountain Laboratories, Hamilton, Montana [4].
  4. dNumbers indicate passage in: GP, guinea pig; TC, tissue culture; EP, embryonated eggs; MP, mice
  5. eNot determined