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Table 3 Partial gro EL sequence of Bifidobacterium sp. RBL67 compared with closely related Bifidobacterium species

From: Classification of a moderately oxygen-tolerant isolate from baby faeces as Bifidobacterium thermophilum

Bifidobacterium sp. RBL67 gro EL [GenBank: DQ340558] gene sequence compared with: % Similarity
B. thermacidophilum subsp. thermacidophilum LMG 21395T [GenBank: AY004276] 98.25%
B. thermacidophilum subsp. porcinum LMG 21689T [GenBank: AY166561] 97.06%
B. thermophilum DSM 20210T [GenBank: AF240567] 95.65%
B. boum DSM 20432T [GenBank: AY004285] 93.58%