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Figure 2

From: Geobacillus zalihae sp. nov., a thermophilic lipolytic bacterium isolated from palm oil mill effluent in Malaysia

Figure 2

Phylogenetic position of Geobacillus zalihae T1T with other validly described species of the genus Geobacillus. The members of genus Geobacillus used include G. thermoleovorans (DSM 5366T); G. kaustophilus (DSM 7263T); G. vulcani (DSM 13174T); G. lituanicus (DSM 15325T); G. thermocatenulatus (DSM 730T); G. gargensis (DSM 15378T); G. stearothermophilus (NCDO 1768T); G. uzenensis (DSM 13551T); G. jurassicus (DSM 15726T); G. subterraneus (DSM 13553T); G. thermodenitrificans (DSM 465T); G. caldoxylosilyticus (ATCC 700356T); G. toebi (DSM 14590T); G. thermoglucosidasius (ATCC 43742T) G. tepidamans (DSM 16325T); G. caldoproteolyticus (DSM15730T); G. pallidus (DSM3670T); G. debilis (DSM16016T). Escherichia coli were used as an out-group. Phylogenetic tree was inferred by using the neighbour-joining methods. The software package MEGA 3.1 was used for analysis.

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