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Table 2 Characteristics of 15 orphan M. tuberculosis strains identified in Paraguay, 2003

From: First insight into Mycobacterium tuberculosis genetic diversity in Paraguay

Strain No. Binary spoligotype (octal number) RFLP MIRUs description (MIT) Lineage
Py63 Unique 213326153223 (unknown) T
Py204 nd 124326153227 (71) LAM
Py240 nd nd unknown
Py133 Unique nd Haarlem
Py149 nd 124327133226 (unknown) LAM
Py244 nd nd LAM
Py201 Unique 223325153326 (unknown) unknown
Py91 Unique 124326133223 (unknown) LAM
Py21 Unique 124326153224 (140) LAM
Py59 Unique *323251*3322 (unknown) unknown
Py95 Clustered 225325154323 (182) Haarlem
Py31 nd 124326153225 (427) LAM
Py93 Unique nd unknown
Py87 Clustered 233325153224 (218) unknown
Py136 Unique nd unknown