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Figure 2

From: Detection of "Rickettsia sp. strain Uilenbergi" and "Rickettsia sp. strain Davousti" in Amblyomma tholloni ticks from elephants in Africa

Figure 2

Phylogenetic tree based on ompA gene partial sequences. The GenBank accession numbers used to construct the phylogenetic tree were as follows: R. australis, AF149108; R. heilongjiangensis, AF179362; R. honei, U43809; R. slovaca, U43808; R. sibirica, U43807; R. rickettsii, U43804; R. rhipicephali, U43803; R. parkeri, U43802; R. montanensis, U43801; R. aeschlimannii, U43800; R. massiliae, U43799; R. japonica, U43795; R. conorii, U43806; R. africae, U43790; R. amblyommii, AY062007; R. monacensis, AF201329; and R. conorii caspia, AY112668.

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