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Table 1 Proviral genome segment composition of 60 GiBV BAC clones.

From: Structure and evolution of a proviral locus of Glyptapanteles indiensis bracovirus

Genome Segment Set Number of Genome Segments Number of positive BACs Number of BACs tested
1 7 7 20
2 4 5 30
3 2 1 60
4 1 3 30
5 1 1 60
6 1 3 60
7 1 1 60
  1. Non-overlapping sets of proviral genome segments found in BAC clones, arbitrarily designated as set 1–7, are shown in column 1. The second column shows the number of proviral genome segments identified in each set. The third column shows the number of BACs which tested positive for that set, and the fourth column shows the number of BACs that were tested for that set. Some segment sets were tested for on less than 60 BAC clones, as once multiple clones were identified for a set of proviral genome segments, the primer pairs representing those sets of segments were removed from PCR experiments to reduce the number of PCRs needed to identify the entire proviral genome.