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Table 1 Bacterial strains used for spotting

From: Microarray for serotyping of Bartonella species

Species Collection sourcea
Bartonella alsatica CIP 105477 T
Bartonella bacilliformis ATCC 35686
Bartonella bovis CIP 106692 T
Bartonella clarridgeiae ATCC 51734
Bartonella elizabethae ATCC 49927
Bartonella henselae Houston ATCC 49882
Bartonella henselae Marseille CIP 104756 T
Bartonella koehlerae ATCC 700693
Bartonella quintana Oklahoma ATCC 51694
Bartonella rattimassiliensis CIP 107705 T
Bartonella tribochorum CIP105476 T
Bartonella vinsonii arupensis ATCC 700727
Bartonella vinsonii berkhoffii ATCC51672
Bartonella birtlesii CIP 106294 T
Bartonella capreoli CIP 106691 T
Bartonella chomelii CIP 107869 T
Bartonella doshiae NCTC 12862
Bartonella grahamii NCTC 12860
Bartonella taylorii NCTC12861
Bartonella schoenbuchensis NCTC 13165T
Bartonella vinsonii vinsonii ATCC VR-152
Bartonella phoceensis CCUG 51222
Bartonella from Macropus giganteus (Australia 1) CCUG 51999
Bartonella from Rattus tunneyi (Australia 4) CCUG 52161
Bartonella from Isoodon macrouris (Australia 9) CCUG 52002
Bartonella from Uromys caudimaculatus (Australia 14) CCUG 52164
Bartonella from Melomys (Australia 17) CCUG 52167
Bartonella from Rattus cornuatus (Australia 19) CCUG 52169
Bartonella from Rattus leucopus (Australia 20) CCUG 52174
Azorhizobium caulinodans ATCC 43989
  1. a Abbreviations: ATCC, American Type Culture Collection, Manassas, Va; CIP, Collection de l'Institut Pasteur, Paris, France; NCTC, National Collection of Type cultures, Central Public Health Laboratory, London, United Kingdom; CCUG, Culture Collection University of Göteborg, Sweden.