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Figure 5

From: Characteristics of β-lactamases and their genes (blaA and blaB) in Yersinia intermedia and Y. frederiksenii

Figure 5

Amino acid sequence alignment of AmpC β-lactamase (Bla-B) of Y. intermedia (strain C-702) and Y. frederiksenii (strain C-115) and the nearest class C β-lactamase neighbors. Asterisks indicate identical amino acids. The conserved motifs (64SXXK67, 150YSN152 and 314KTG316) typical of class C β-lactamases are underlined and in boldface. The GenBank accession numbers of the β-lactamases are as follows: Y.fred and Y.inter (ABD84040 and ABD84041, present study),Y.ent _1A (AAZ66331, Y. enterocolitica biovar 1A),Y.ent_ 2 (CAA44850, Y. enterocolitica, IP97 biovar 2), Y.ent _1B (Y. enterocolitica 8081 biovar 1B),Y.berc (AAO21212, Y. bercovieri), Y.ald (AAO21211, Y. aldovae) and Y.ruck (AAM94804, Y. ruckeri).

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