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Figure 1

From: Tandem repeat regions within the Burkholderia pseudomallei genome and their application for high resolution genotyping

Figure 1

Linear repeat array distribution of B. anthracis , Y. pestis and B. pseudomallei chromosomes. Nucleic acid repeat region "icicle" plots were generated with DNAStar GeneQuest software (Madison, WI). The horizontal scale indicates the linear position in base pairs along the respective chromosomes from the start position of the GenBank FASTA file sequence. The scale bar to the right of each icicle plot indicates 10 possible repeat sequence combinations as found by the GeneQuest software. The overall length, or number of possible repeat combinations of each icicle, is a measure of the size of the repeated sequence array found at that position. In general, the longer the icicle, the larger the repeat array. Note that both perfect and degenerate repeat arrays are found and displayed by GeneQuest, as indicated by the arrows and notes in panel C. The number of arrays/Mbp and total arrays are all repeat regions found by the software package Tandem Repeats Finder larger than 30 bp and with an internal similarity greater than or equal to 80%.

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