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Table 5 CPS genes (bold print) identified by transposon mutagenesis

From: The capsule polysaccharide structure and biogenesis for non-O1 Vibrio cholerae NRT36S: genes are embedded in the LPS region

Clone # Gene in CPS region Putative gene functions Best hit (AAI)
TR2 not CYS regulon transcriptional activator V. cholerae (100%)
TR23 not FadR fatty acid metabolism regulator protein V. cholerae (100%)
TR286 not Adenylate cyclase V. cholerae (100%)
TR301 not Ubiquinol cytochrome C reductase V. cholerae (100%)
TR3 Orf23 ( galE ) Nucleoside-diphosphate sugar epimerase V. cholerae (98%)
TR17 Orf8 Glycosyltransferase Nitrosospira multiformis (40%)
TR43, TR287 Orf43 Rhamnosyltransferase Shewanella sp . (66%)
TR296 Orf5 ( wzm ) ABC transporter system integral membrane protein Raoultella terrigena (55%)