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Table 5 Homology search with virulence factors in the PHI-base database

From: Expressed Sequence Tags from the oomycete Plasmopara halstedii, an obligate parasite of the sunflower

P. halstedii(GenBank: Accession N) PHI Hits (a) BlastX E-Value Function (b)
CB174618 PHI:593 Magnaporthe 6e-08 Triphosphatase activity
CB174624 PHI:249 Magnaporthe 2e-42 Isomerase activity
CB174646 PHI:39 Phytophthora 6e-17 Glutamyltransferase activity
CB174647 PHI:278 Botrytis 9e-22 Pectinesterase activity
CB174623 PHI:548 Botrytis 2e-19 Protein folding
CB174628 PHI:474 Cryptococcus 1e-12 Calcium ion binding
CB174636 PHI:410 Cryptococcus 1e-25 Superoxide dismutase activity
CB174644 PHI:386 Cryptococcus 3e-52 Peroxidase activity
CB174570 PHI:504 Saccharomyces 1e-16 Leucine biosynthesis
CB174578 PHI:624 Salmonella 4e-21 ATPase activity
CB174625 PHI:211 Candida 7e-08 Regulation of transcription
  1. (a) The PHI hits indicate the accession numbers at the PHI-base database [25] and the corresponding species.
  2. (b) The function of the gene as indicated in the PHI-base database. See the references therein for more details.