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Figure 1

From: Expressed Sequence Tags from the oomycete Plasmopara halstedii, an obligate parasite of the sunflower

Figure 1

Examples of PCR amplification of ESTs originatingeither from sunflower (S) or from Plasmopara halstedii (P). Each primer pair was tested using DNA from either sunflower (S), or Plasmopara halstedii sporangia (P). The ESTs tested here are: 1, HSP 70 [GenBank:CB174638]; 2, Pyruvate kinase [GenBank:CB174571]; 3, Superoxyde dismutase [GenBank:CB174636]; 4, Proteasome 26 S beta subunit [GenBank:CB174617]; protein; 6, Asparagine synthase; 7, Elicitor [GenBank:CB174646]; 8, Cyclophilin B [GenBank:CB174647]. M: molecular marker. H 2 0: negative control. The PCR products were separated on 1.5% agarose gel.

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