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Table 7 Proteins that are specific for the Rhodospirillales group

From: Phylogenomics and signature proteins for the alpha Proteobacteria and its main groups

Gene ID Accession Number Function Gene ID Accession Number Function
A. Proteins Unique to Rhodospirillales Order ( Gluconobacter, Magnetospirillum, Rhodospirillum and Acidiphilium )
GOX06331 AAW60410 Hypothetical GOX0963 AAW60735 Hypothetical
GOX06952 AAW60472 Hypothetical GOX12583 AAW61019 Hypothetical
B. Proteins Unique to Acetobacteraceae Family ( Gluconobacter and Acidiphilium )
GOX0143 AAW59936 Hypothetical GOX1616 AAW61357 Hypothetical
GOX0343 AAW60126 ANK, ankyrin repeats GOX2216 AAW61951 Hypothetical
GOX1212 AAW60973 Phage portal protein GOX2275 AAW62008 Hypothetical
GOX1215 AAW60976 Putative phage protein GOX2316 AAW62049 Hypothetical
GOX1222 AAW60983 Putative phage protein GOX2452 AAW62183 Hypothetical
GOX1224 AAW60985 Putative phage protein GOX2454 AAW62185 Hypothetical
GOX1233 AAW60994 Hypothetical GOX2456 AAW62187 Hypothetical
C. Proteins Unique to Rhodospirillaceae Family ( Rhodospirillum and Magnetospirillum )
Rru_A0125 YP_425217 Putative diguanylate phosphodiesterase Rru_A2592 YP_427676 Hypothetical
Rru_A0152 YP_425244 Hypothetical Rru_A2828 YP_427912 Hypothetical
Rru_A0531 YP_425622 Hypothetical Rru_A3562 YP_428643 Hypothetical
Rru_A1689 YP_426776 Hypothetical Rru_A3636 YP_428717 Hypothetical
Rru_A1756 YP_426843 Hypothetical Rru_A3662 YP_428743 Hypothetical
Rru_A2112 YP_427199 Hypothetical Rru_A3739 YP_428820 Hypothetical
Rru_A2510 YP_427597 Predicted transcriptional regulator Rru_A3800 YP_428881 Hypothetical
  1. 1 Missing in Rhodospirillum
  2. 2 Missing in Acidiphilium
  3. 3 Missing in Magnetospirillum