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Table 6 Proteins that are specific for the Sphingomonadales group of species

From: Phylogenomics and signature proteins for the alpha Proteobacteria and its main groups

Gene ID Accession Number Function Gene ID Accession Number Function
A. Proteins Unique to Sphingomonadales Order (Novosphingobium, Erythrobacter, Sphingomonas, Sphingopyxis and Zymomonas)
Saro_0018 YP_495301 Hypothetical Saro_1291 YP_496569 Hypothetical
Saro_00521 YP_495335 Hypothetical Saro_1378 YP_496656 Hypothetical
Saro_0087 YP_495370 Hypothetical Saro_19141 YP_497188 Hypothetical
Saro_0150 YP_495433 Hypothetical Saro_2130 YP_497403 Hypothetical
Saro_0232 YP_495514 Hypothetical Saro_2788 YP_498058 Hypothetical
Saro_0409 YP_495691 Hypothetical Saro_2958 YP_498227 Hypothetical
Saro_1088 YP_496367 Hypothetical Saro_3138 YP_498407 Hypothetical
Saro_1144 YP_496423 Hypothetical Saro_3213 YP_498482 Hypothetical
B. Proteins Unique to Sphingomonadales but missing in Zymononas
Saro_0044 YP_495327 Hypothetical Saro_17482 YP_497022  
Saro_0154 YP_495437 Hypothetical Saro_1785 YP_497059  
Saro_04153 YP_495697 Hypothetical Saro_1972 YP_497246  
Saro_0458 YP_495740 Hypothetical Saro_2036 YP_497309  
Saro_1078 YP_496357 Hypothetical Saro_2037 YP_497310  
Saro_1126 YP_496405 Hypothetical Saro_2333 YP_497604  
Saro_1160 YP_496439 Hypothetical Saro_2548 YP_497818  
Saro_1163 YP_496442 Hypothetical    
  1. 1 Missing in Sphingomonas wittchii
  2. 2 Blast scores for C. crescentus and H. neptunium are also significant
  3. 3 Significant blast scores for C. crescentus