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Table 5 Proteins specific for the Caulobacter and related species

From: Phylogenomics and signature proteins for the alpha Proteobacteria and its main groups

Proteins Unique to Caulobacter, Oceanicaulis and Maricaulis(Some also found in Hyphomonas and Parvularcula)
Gene ID Accession Number Function Gene ID Accession Number Function
CC04861 NP_419305 Hypothetical CC1066 NP_419882 Hypothetical
CC24801 NP_421283 Hypothetical CC1586 NP_420397 Hypothetical
CC27642 NP_421560 Hypothetical CC2207 NP_421010 Hypothetical
CC3101 NP_421895 Hypothetical CC2628 NP_421428 hfaA protein
CC0512 NP_419331 Hypothetical CC2639 NP_421438 Hypothetical
CC1064 NP_419880 Hypothetical    
  1. All of the proteins in this Table are present in C. crescentus as well as in O. alexandrii and M. maris.
  2. 1 These proteins are also present in H. neptunium and P. bermudensis.
  3. 2 Also found in P. bermudensis.