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Table 4 Proteins that are specific for the Rhodobacterales

From: Phylogenomics and signature proteins for the alpha Proteobacteria and its main groups

Gene ID Accession Number Function Gene ID Accession Number Function
A. Proteins specific for Rhodobacterales ( Oceanicola, Loktanella, Paracoccus, Roseovarius, Roseobacter, Jannaschia, Silicibacte r, Sulfitobacter, Dinoroseobacter, Sagittula )
TM1040_00931 YP_612088 Hypothetical TM1040_1842 YP_613837 Phasin, PhaP
TM1040_01842 YP_612179 Hypothetical TM1040_19673 YP_613961 Putative CheA signal transduction
TM1040_02361,2 YP_612231 Hypothetical TM1040_1988 YP_613982 Hypothetical
TM1040_0471 YP_612466 Putative rod shape-determining protein MreD TM1040_22632 YP_614257 Hypothetical
TM1040_05862 YP_612581 Hypothetical TM1040_2370 YP_614364 Hypothetical
TM1040_05872 YP_612582 Hypothetical TM1040_24253 YP_614419 Hypothetical
TM1040_0697 YP_612692 Hypothetical TM1040_2466 YP_614460 GCN5-related N-acetyltransferase COG045
TM1040_07502,4 YP_612745 Hypothetical TM1040_24872 YP_614481 Hypothetical
TM1040_07521 YP_612747 Lipoprotein, putative TM1040_25823 YP_614576 Hypothetical
TM1040_1063 YP_613058 Gene transfer agent TM1040_2999 YP_614993 Hypothetical
TM1040_1064 YP_613059 Gene transfer agent TM1040_30773 YP_611313 Hypothetical
TM1040_12473 YP_613242 Hypothetical TM1040_3749 YP_611978 Hypothetical
TM1040_13502 YP_613345 Hypothetical TM1040_3759 YP_611988 Lipoprotein, putative
TM1040_1406 YP_613401 Outer membrane chaperone Skp (OmpH) TM1040_37643 YP_611993 Putative transmembrane protein
TM1040_1567 YP_613562 Hypothetical    
B. Proteins unique to various Rhodobacterales but missing in Rhodobacter and Paracoccus
TM1040_15581 YP_613553 Hypothetical TM1040_21574 YP_614151 Hypothetical
TM1040_17351 YP_613730 Hypothetical TM1040_24431,4 YP_614437 Lipolytic enzyme, G-D-S-L
TM1040_18441,5,6 YP_613839 Hypothetical TM1040_26807 YP_614674 Hypothetical
C. Proteins Unique to Silicibacter and Roseobacter
TM1040_10998 YP_613094 Hypothetical TM1040_3189 YP_611425  
TM1040_14238 YP_613418 Hypothetical TM1040_32028 YP_611438  
TM1040_1451 YP_613446 Hypothetical TM1040_32088 YP_611444  
TM1040_19868 YP_613980 Hypothetical TM1040_32268 YP_611462  
TM1040_2106 YP_614100 Hypothetical TM1040_35298 YP_611763  
TM1040_21398 YP_614133 Hypothetical TM1040_36268 YP_611855  
TM1040_30758 YP_611311 Hypothetical    
  1. 1 Missing in Loktanella vestfoldensis SKA53
  2. 2 Missing in one or more Rhodobacter sphaeroides strains
  3. 3 Missing in Paracoccus denitrificans PD12222
  4. 4 Missing in Rhodobacterales bacterium HTCC2654
  5. 5 Missing in one or more species of Roseovarius
  6. 6 Missing in Oceanicola batsensis HTCC2597
  7. 7 Missing in one or more species of Roseobacter
  8. 8 Missing in Silicibacter pomeroyi DSS-3