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Table 3 Proteins that are specific for the Bradyrhizobiaceae group

From: Phylogenomics and signature proteins for the alpha Proteobacteria and its main groups

Gene ID Accession Number Function Gene ID Accession Number Function
A. Proteins Unique to Bradyrhizobiaceae Family and Xanthobacter
bll60141,2 NP_772654 Putative general secretion pathway protein M Nwi_2179 YP_318785 Hypothetical
Nwi_1093 YP_317707 Hypothetical Nwi_24321 YP_319038 Hypothetical
Nwi_1227 YP_317841 Hypothetical Nwi_24761 YP_319081 Putative bacterioferritin
Nwi_17861 YP_318399 Hypothetical Nwi_2572 YP_319177 Hypothetical
Nwi_1788 YP_318401 Hypothetical Nwi_2623 YP_319228 Hypothetical
Nwi_21471,3 YP_318753 Hypothetical Nwi_2707 YP_319312 Hypothetical
B. Proteins Unique to Bradyrhizobiaceae Family
bll58992 NP_772539 Hypothetical Nwi_2021 YP_318632 Hypothetical
blr61061,2 NP_772746 Hypothetical Nwi_2063 YP_318673 Hypothetical
Nwi_0278 YP_316897 Hypothetical Nwi_2064 YP_318674 Hypothetical
Nwi_0503 YP_317122 Hypothetical Nwi_2163 YP_318769 Hypothetical
Nwi_0528 YP_317147 Hypothetical Nwi_2173 YP_318779 Hypothetical
Nwi_06051 YP_317224 Hypothetical Nwi_21831 YP_318789 Hypothetical
Nwi_07101,d YP_317328 Hypothetical Nwi_22083 YP_318814 Hypothetical
Nwi_0925 YP_317539 Hypothetical Nwi_2244 YP_318850 Hypothetical
Nwi_09661,d YP_317580 Hypothetical Nwi_2247 YP_318853 Hypothetical
Nwi_1084 YP_317698 Hypothetical Nwi_2379 YP_318985 Hypothetical
Nwi_1092 YP_317706 Hypothetical Nwi_23812 YP_318987 Hypothetical
Nwi_11073 YP_317721 Hypothetical Nwi_24143 YP_319020 Hypothetical
Nwi_1108 YP_317722 Hypothetical Nwi_2489 YP_319094 Hypothetical
Nwi_1336 YP_317949 Hypothetical Nwi_249213 YP_319097 Hypothetical
Nwi_1139 YP_317753 Hypothetical Nwi_2500 YP_319105 Hypothetical
Nwi_12473 YP_317861 Hypothetical Nwi_25063 YP_319111 Hypothetical
Nwi_1270 YP_317883 Hypothetical Nwi_25093 YP_319114 Hypothetical
Nwi_12753 YP_317888 Hypothetical Nwi_2531 YP_319136 Hypothetical
Nwi_14541 YP_318067 Hypothetical Nwi_2575 YP_319180 Hypothetical
Nwi_1498 YP_318111 Hypothetical Nwi_2577 YP_319182 Hypothetical
Nwi_1512 YP_318125 Hypothetical Nwi_258813 YP_319193 Hypothetical
Nwi_15813 YP_318194 Hypothetical Nwi_2630 YP_319235 Hypothetical
Nwi_1582 YP_318195 Hypothetical Nwi_2676 YP_319281 Hypothetical
Nwi_1586 YP_318199 Dihydrofolate reductase Nwi_26773 YP_319282 Hypothetical
Nwi_16491,3 YP_318262 Hypothetical Nwi_2769 YP_319374 Hypothetical
Nwi_1674 YP_318287 Hypothetical Nwi_27891 YP_319394 Hypothetical
Nwi_1705 YP_318318 Hypothetical Nwi_29843 YP_319586 Hypothetical
Nwi_1711 YP_318324 Hypothetical Nwi_2959 YP_319561 Hypothetical
Nwi_1785 YP_318398 Hypothetical Nwi_3035 YP_319637 Hypothetical
Nwi_1793 YP_318406 Hypothetical Nwi_3140 YP_319739 Hypothetical
Nwi_18001,2 YP_318413 Hypothetical Nwi_31411 YP_319740 Hypothetical
  1. 1 Missing in one or more strains of Rhodopseudomonas
  2. 2 Missing in one or more species of Nitrobacter
  3. 3 Missing in Bradyrhizobium japonicum USDA 110